Student housing Bournemouth 2018

Are you going to study in Bournemouth this year? If you have answered yes, there is no doubt that you are on the hunt for the best student housing Bournemouth 2018 has to offer the market. We offer luxurious bedrooms with bills included, Wi-Fi, 24-hour CCTV and a Reception team to ensure that you have a comfortable stay.

2018 Bournemouth student housing

At Lulworth Student Company, we are dedicated to providing quality student housing in Bournemouth. 2018 may be your first year of studying in Bournemouth and you will need to secure accommodation before your studies begin. Knowing where to look for a new room to let in Bournemouth can be confusing if you are new to the town or don’t come from the UK.

Don’t worry as Lulworth Student Company are here to solve all of your Bournemouth student housing 2018 requirements. Keep reading to find out more about our housing in the town.

Everything You Need

Our halls combine individual bedrooms in halls and studio flats to offer students like you luxurious accommodation that is untouched by other providers in the town. We offer the authentic 2018 Bournemouth student housing experience, and we recommend that you stay in our individual bedrooms. All of our single bedrooms are placed together in a hall which is a collection of rooms that have to share facilities such as a kitchen.

Whether you choose a single bedroom or studio flat, you will have a double bed, en suite bathroom and a wardrobe.  All of our kitchens have the following:

  • Table and stools
  • Wi-Fi
  • Flat screen TV
  • Necessary appliances

All of our rooms and flats have electronically locked doors so that you can be assured your belongings are safe. We have fitted CCTV cameras and have security available 24 hours. There is also a dedicated reception team who are happy to help you solve any issues. There is a bike storage area and a place to do your laundry.

A studio flat is ideal for those of you who want your own space when studying in Bournemouth. Every studio flat has the same facilities as a bedroom in our halls and bedrooms. Staying in a studio flat does not mean you will not be able to make friends during your stay as we have a great social area for you to meet new and old friends.

Excellent Location

Our halls are located near the Lansdowne Campus. The great thing about them is that they are located just 5 minutes walk away from the town centre, shops, bars, restaurants and more.

You are probably wondering what is the difference between our halls? Well, one has wonderful sea views from a distance but has all of the same features as the latter.

If you and your friends are studying together and are planning to search for ‘student houses Bournemouth’, we provide a ‘Book with Friends’ service that puts you and your friends in the same flat together!

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Why you need to stay in our student housing in Bournemouth for 2018

With a lot of choice on the market, it can be difficult to decide what student housing Bournemouth 2018 options to choose. We have listed reasons to choose our company underneath:

  • Our housing is in a great central location
  • We are walking distance to many educational institutions
  • Accommodation is decorated to a high standard
  • There are many transport links
  • We offer 10% off with our bedroom and kitchen packs
  • Won’t have to deal with rogue landlords

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