Student Houses and Accommodation at Bournemouth University

Lulworth Student Company provides the finest student houses and accommodation at Bournemouth University. We have two dedicated accommodation facilities that are in central Bournemouth locations.

Why stay at our student accommodation near Bournemouth University

If you want luxurious student accommodation in Bournemouth with a difference, then you will need to book your stay with Lulworth Student Company today. Read our article to find out all the reasons why you need to stay in our accommodation.

Safe and Secure

Our main student accommodation for Bournemouth University and college students is the largest of our student accommodation halls in Bournemouth, and is a mix of student studio flats and student halls. This student accommodation is fitted with 24/7 CCTV, and we have a reception/maintenance team onsite to ensure you have a great time.

So whether you choose a room in our student halls or a studio flat, you will find every room is decorated in a luxurious fashion and will be fully furnished. Every room has a double bed, wardrobe, drawers and many more to make you feel at home. Should you choose to stay in our halls, you will share a kitchen with your housemates. Every kitchen has the essential cooking appliances for you to make great food. We also supply table and stools, flat screen TV and Wi-Fi.

For the quieter people who like their own space, you may find that one of our studio flats is what you need. Our studio flats have all of the same features included in our normal bedrooms. We provide additional features not found in the standard bedroom like: Breakfast bar with stools

  • Comfortable double bed
  • Bedroom and living furnishings
  • Wardrobe
  • Kitchen

Standout Accommodation

The latest student accommodation by Lulworth Student Company is situated near the Lansdowne Campus. Students can expect to have the luxurious furnishings and great rates that we have become well-known for in Bournemouth.

Students that stay in our student houses and accommodation at Bournemouth University can expect the following from Lulworth Student Company:

  • Storage
  • Desk
  • Bathroom
  • Chair
  • High-speed Wi-Fi
  • Luxurious double bed
  • Wardrobe

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Why choose Lulworth Student Company’s accommodation

If you want to forego worries about accommodation and renting from a private landlord then we recommend that you stay with Lulworth Student Company. We will take care of all the details and you will be able stay confident that your room is secured. Our company has provided a fine array of Bournemouth University student houses and accommodation for many years.

When you are studying, you will want to focus on your studies without the hassle of renting student accommodation. By staying at our halls, you will be able to focus on your studies while having a great time. Did you know that we have a dedicated social room in all of our accommodation buildings? That’s right, so if you want to make friends or go somewhere to hang out this is the place to go.

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