living with us


We’re delighted to share some exciting news with you – we’ll all soon be looking forward to welcoming you to your new home. The same lively, eclectic environment our students have come to except is unchanged. And we remain committed to support the wellbeing of our students. 


And don’t worry, there will still be plenty of things to do and all the mod-cons we’ve come to be known for. Our onsite facilities will ensure your experience at Lulworth will be an enjoyable one with loads of things to keep you occupied.  

The focus is on your experience and our on-site facilities will make sure you won’t get bored. With plenty of activities to engage in, there will always be ample opportunities to meet new people and ensure you get to enjoy that all-important downtime. 

While living with us you will have exclusive access to our:  

  • Gym – train and improve your fitness and wellbeing
  • Sports Zone (basketball and football court) – get outdoors and enjoy a game or two
  • Onsite Café – chill and study with exclusive study hour discounts… oh yes!
  • Green Outdoor Chill Area – relax and get socialising
  • TV Room – the perfect setting for a much-needed Netflix night with your new friends
  • Laundry Room – laundry must be done at some point… right?
  • Table Tennis – challenge your buddies to a few games of ping pong
  • Common Social Space – where all the action takes place!
  • Social Kitchen and Dining Space – the place to cook and eat together. Nothing better than sharing some stories with some good food and excellent company

Book Your Room Now!

If all this sounds like an appealing enough prospect to tempt you back to living with us come September, make sure to get in touch with Lulworth to enquire about a booking.