Equality & Diversity Policy

Policy Statement

This policy will highlight the commitment Lulworth SC has towards Equality and Diversity. This policy is based upon social. Moral and legal obligations. The legislations used to reinforce LSC policies to legislative standard, were drawn from the Disability Discriminations Act (DDA) 1995, the Race Relations Act 1975, Sex Discriminations Act 1986 and Equality Act 2010. Furthermore, does this policy highlights the importance of valuing and endorse diversity within our establishment but mostly it is about our strong believe in good practice, which Lulworth SC is dedicated to embrace. Valuing Diversity for LSC is wise for personal, social/demographic, legal and productivity reasons.

The Policy reviewed regularly and therefore is a document continuously in progress.


Valuing Diversity

Lulworth SC is promoting the diversity of the workforce, which includes empowering employees. Diversity involves and includes everyone. Appreciating and working with diversity effectively embraces equality in its widest sense and goes far beyond simple obligations with legislation. It involves developing and changing culture and work practices that welcome and respects the differences between individuals, both visible and non-visible, but developes these differences to the benefit of the individual and the establishment as a whole. It goes without saying that embracing diversity is good business practice. Lulworth SC experiences the benefits of valuing diversity, and Lulworth SC is therefore committed create and develop an multicultural environment in which people of different backgrounds are valued and celebrated for their different background and what great contribution these people can make to Lulworth SC.



It goes without saying that we are committed to ensure that everyone is treated equally and LSC is operating fair and non- discriminatory recruitment, employment and service practice and emphasises every employee’s contribution to our establishment. Every member or prospective member of LSC has the right to quality of opportunity and the right to be respected for their diversity.

Equality Opportunities regardless of sex, colour, religious beliefs, ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, age, working pattern or any other grounds unrelated to their ability to perform their jobs.

Every person has the right to be treated with dignity.

Everyone person is valued and respected for their individual difference and viewpoint that they bring to the company.

Everyone will get the assistant necessary to overcome any problems at work associated with disability.



Lulworth SC ensures that the work environment is completely free of discrimination, harassment and bullying and ensures that employees are aware of diversity issues and develop skills to face any challenges of dealing with different cultures.


Individual Responsibility

Lulworth SC expects that each member of staff is aware of their own actions and consciousness of behaviours to not discriminate, harass, bully or discriminate against others. Any behaviours of this nature will be followed by disciplinary action.


LSC Responsibilities

The LSC management team is expected to deal with staff in a fair and consistent manner, applying the same standards to all. Managers must not engage in any activity or behave in a manner, which could be perceived as discrimination and should ensure that all employees are treated purely on their skills, qualities and enabling every member to perform to their full potential.

The management should not deny staff access to opportunity. It is the responsibility of the LSC management to promote equality among their staff and take actions to prevent discrimination. LSC management ensures that such practice is not tolerated and will intervene with disciplinary action.

Should any of the above situation should appear such as bullying, discrimination or harassment, it is the LSC manager’s responsibility to identify and to stop such behaviour under any circumstance.

Sometime individuals who have experienced discrimination, bullying or harassment are scared to raise the issue and it is the vital that LSC managers are aware of such possibility. Additionally, managers must ensure that neither them nor any of the staff members express through any communication chain their opinions that could be considers as offensive. All complaints must be treated seriously, in a correct manner and complete confidence.