Accommodation Drugs Policy

Accommodation Services policy and procedure regarding illegal drugs and legal highs.

Why do we have such a policy?

This policy states the position which we (UHMLtd) take regarding the possession or use of illegal drugs or legal highs in our Accommodation. It sets out key elements of the procedure followed if a student is found or suspected to be in possession of illegal drugs or legal highs.

Policy declaration

Our purpose is to provide a safe, healthy and supportive environment in our accommodation for our students, wardens and staff.

Our main duty is to reduce the risks associated with the misuse of drugs and to act quick if any incidence

If students wish to seek help regarding their own or others’ drug use, they can speak to one of our staff members, which will provided information of available support.

We will not allow the possession, use or supply of illegal drugs or legal highs at any premises under the management of our Accommodation Services.


Any resident found in possession of, using, or dealing illegal drugs (or what are reasonably suspected to be illegal drugs or legal highs) at any premises under our management will normally be subject to disciplinary action.

In most cases, the disciplinary process will be undertaken by the Accommodation Services management team.

There are a range of possible outcomes following the disciplinary process including a written warning through to Notice to Quit.

Please note: a Notice to Quit does not discharge the student from the financial liabilities of their contract, and they will have to continue paying the rent despite not being able to live at the accommodation.

UHM has a legal duty to inform the police of any incident involving illegal drugs. This could result in criminal prosecution. If a student is convicted of a drug-related offence, there may be additional implications in the future for employment and travel.

Accommodation Services will also inform your Faculty of the disciplinary process. Students should be aware of the potential implications for professional suitability, professional registration etc., especially with regard to vocational qualifications.


Any person found on UHM premises, and who is not a resident at those premises, and who is found or reasonably suspected to be involved with illegal drugs or legal highs, will be subject to an immediate lifetime ban from those premises. Any associate of that person who had invited them onto the premises, and is a resident, may well be considered for disciplinary action themselves as they take personal responsibility for their visitors.

Appeal procedure

If a warning letter or ‘Notice to Quit’ is served, students have the right to submit a letter of appeal if they consider the decision to be unjust. A full review of the evidence and circumstances will then be undertaken.