Students Most Popular Restaurants Delivering In Bournemouth

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Students Most Popular Restaurants Delivering In Bournemouth

We hope everyone is well and still going strong despite the lockdown continuing.

As we still have a while till we’ll be able to join our friends for a nice dinner out, you might wanna check out the latest restaurants to have come back on the delivery websites. Get comfy cause you’re in for a treat.


  1. KFC

A students’ favourite is back in business and it’s finger licking gooood, but be prepared to wait for this one as their estimated delivery times are rather high at the mom



  1. Five Guys

Who missed their tasty burgers and fries?  Five Guys is now delivering again through the Deliveroo platform and we’ll take a chocolate & strawberry milkshake with that order please.



  1. Taco Bell

Turn any night into taco night. Treat yourself to a Burrito, Bowl or Tacos & get it delivered straight to your door as the restaurant is now delivering through Deliveroo or Uber Eats.


We know it’s going to be hard to choose one, but let us know which one were you most looking forward to order from and what’s on your menu this weekend 😊