Top 5 boxsets

Top 5 boxsets


Staying in is the new going out out. So what have you been doing in in this weekend? We are LOVING pouring a glass of vino and watching some of the BEST boxsets there is. Not only is this helping us switch off from the crazy situation we are all in, but it is the perfect time to pop our feet up and relax. Our favourite 5 are:


1# Gavin and Stacey

Gavin and Stacey is something for everyone. This hilarious show follows the long-distance relationship between Gavin from Essex and Stacey from South Wales and charts the curious and often dysfunctional ways that their families interact with them, and each other.

With supporting cast including brilliant comic actors like Rob Brydon, Alison Steadman and Larry Lamb, there’s a lot of reasons to fall in love with this show on Netflix. If you are in need for a pick me up this is the perfect series to binge on.


2# Friends

With 236 episodes Friends will keep you entertained over isolation. A trusted favourite for many – you can’t go wrong with an episode of Friends. Start again from the beginning and you will be laughing your way into next month! It’s such an easy watch and great even just as some background noise to keep you company. Just remember the snacks, as “Joey doesn’t share food!” I am sure we will all be like Ross the day before we are allowed back out with our tans going from a 2 to an 8.


#3 Tiger King

If you want to be bewildered, then Tiger King is the boxset for you. Eric Goode was filming a documentary about the reptile trade when he met a guy with a snow leopard in the back of his van. He spent the next five years around the big cat community in the United States, where there are more tigers in captivity than exist in the wild. This seven-part true crime series explores a feud between two of them – a gun-toting, mullet-wearing, country-singing zoo owner from Oklahoma called Joe Exotic, and animal rights activist Carole Baskin, who has some secrets of her own. Honestly one of the craziest things you will ever watch.


#4 Peaky Blinders

Peaky blinders is a 1920s gangland thriller that could be the most stylish serial ever screened. Cillian Murphy is Tommy Shelby, World War I veteran, opium addict and boss of a small-time gypsy crime family that expands to become a national empire. Tommy faces down enemies on all sides, from the New York mafia to Winston Churchill, but his successes come at a terrible cost to the people he loves.

Five series to keep you entertained, the latest is on iPlayer, the previous four are on Netflix.


#5 You

If you are looking for drama then this is the boxset for you. This is an extremely popular stalker thriller, which proved to be a huge hit for Netflix. It’s an unapologetically crowd-pleasing, twisty turny drama that prioritises gasps and shock value over realism. Go with it and you’ll really enjoy it.

The show tells the story of a New York book keeper (who just happens to be a serial killer), who becomes instantly infatuated with one of his customers. Infatuation turns into a dangerous obsession and soon he is consumed by the thought of her, keeping a close eye on her social media and needing to know where she is at all times. She’s blissfully unaware – but how long for?

There’s two series to enjoy to keep you on the edge of your sofas throughout this period.


Stay in and stay safe. We have lots more ideas for you over the next few months to keep you busy at home.