Keep Calm and Hop on – It’s Easter

Keep Calm and Hop on – It’s Easter

This can only mean Spring – Daffodils – Chocolate and Holidays.

Christmas feels like 5 years ago, this is the first public holiday period of the year to enjoy spring-like weather, so we hope!

The actual meaning of Easter, which we should elaborate in a few words to honour one of the oldest Christian traditions. The celebration of the last week of Jesus’ life, his death, and his resurrection. For Christians, Easter symbolises the dawn of a new life and the high point of the Christian calendar.

While defined as a Christian holiday, Easter has many of its roots in the traditions and rituals of the pagan people who inhabited the United Kingdom before its wide spread conversion to the Christian faith. Some believe that Easter was named for “Eostre”, the Anglo-Saxon goddess of the spring.

We on the other hand believe, for students this means to go and see their families, probably not everyone with a religious agenda, but while most Uni’s and Colleges embrace the public holiday for students it means a little break, focus on assignments or make some extra money with a job over the Easter holidays.

For those who stay in Bournemouth, there is plenty to do at the seaside and we thought we give you some ideas how to spend Easter in Bournemouth and surroundings. For those who have to linger over assignments and course works, to hand in after Easter, make sure you give yourself a break to keep those academic and creative juices flowing.

With Easter just around the corner and the sun finding its way through the clouds, it’s time go out and enjoy some time off!

For those who choose to spend the day out, Bournemouth and the surroundings are known for their amazing landscapes, so why not embark yourself on a little adventure and go discover the Jurassic Coast ( ) which covers 95 miles of truly stunning coastline from East Devon to Dorset, with rocks recording 185 million years of the Earth’s history follow the link for railway travel information

Don’t forget to check out those amazing destinations our partner UK Study Tours have prepared for you in April. Bath, London, Edinburgh or Paris are just a click away

If you just feel like staying around and chill, there is nothing like having a walk around the beach or hire a bike and explore the beautiful beach promenade. A hidden gem like the Russell – Cotes Art Gallery and Museum has an impressive collection of cultural treasures from all around the world and they are hosting several exhibitions through April ( ) If you there, take moment and appreciate a the views from the villa….. a reminder why living here is just bliss.

Visit the town centre and have some fun at Centre VR in the BH2 leisure building for a virtual experience. Choose from hundreds of jaw-dropping virtual reality games – from the adrenalin rush of flying a multi-million-pound plane to the spectacle of deep-sea diving or orbiting the International Space Station, this is the easiest way of ticking off your bucket-list without the high price tag! Also, if you choose to give golf a try, you never know, you might find your inner Tiger Woods, then give Mr Mulligans a try, now open at Bh2 Leisure, will showcase three out of this world golf courses with some of the UK’s most exciting on-course, immersive technology.

There are great eateries who offer students from10% up to 25% discount. Check out Las Iguanas and indulge in South American food  (Visit their website and check out their T&C’s).

With plenty of stuff going around these weeks you won’t have time to get bored. Whatever you decide to go for, make sure you make the most of it and don’t forget to indulge in those Easter chocolate eggs!

Have an eggcellent Easter break!